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Advertising Banners are the greatest way to let everyone know about your latest events and promotions. We offer a wide range of banner styles to suit many different purpose. The type of event or campaign will determine the style of banner you may require. Our banner range includes banners which are suitable for web,indoor and outdoor use.

  • Full banner (468px x 60px)
  • Half banner (234px x 60px)
  • Micro bar (88px x 31px
  • Vertical banner (120px x 240px)
  • Medium Rectangle (300px x 250px)
  • Square Pop-Up (250px x 250px)
  • Vertical Rectangle (240px x 400px)
  • Large Rectangle (336px x 280px)
  • Rectangle (180px x 150px)
  • 3:1 Rectangle (300px x 100px)
  • Pop-Under (720px x 300px)
  • Advertising Banners Types

    Stand Banner

    Bow Banner

    Teardrop Banner

    Flag Banner

    Backpack Banner

    Spinning Dart Banner

    Pop-Out / Pop-Out Tunnel / A-Frame Banner

    Flag Pole Banner

    Boulevard Banner

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